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Office Bearers
About the I.A.S.O.W.A
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Office Bearers

President Mrs Chitra Vaish
Secretary Mrs Meera Dutt
Joint Secretary Mrs Bimla Sinha
Treasurer Mrs Mridula Prakash







About the I.A.S.O.W.A
The Pioneers…..
Over cups of crisp coffee and gorgeous gossip, some enterprising wives of the IAS officers of Bihar transformed a casual chit chat club into a registered body nearly 30 years ago. They were the pioneers.
And a noble beginning was made.

…..and the Frontiers
The IAS Officers’ Wives’ Association of Bihar had been created. What’s more, they gave themselves a constitution- with the objectives of-
Promoting goodwill and belongingness
Human and social values and
Participating in national efforts and welfare work
And of course, recreation!

The saloon…
Any bunch of wives, informed sources maintain, is a volatile mixture. In that context, this association is tame enough.
Insiders go on to claim that occasional enlivening engagements not withstanding, the sincerity of the association to the lofty ideals of equality and sorority is genuine.
It ought to.
…..has greenhorns and old timers
New settlers arrive every year even as the old hands gracefully take their leave. The youngsters have a lot to learn and appreciate. Everybody helps in some way- that’s all. And the best part is- it works.

Its Saturday Nights at times…..
When all the folks assemble
With their husband, children, toddlers all
There is music in the air
And a star shines in every eye
….But when there’s a call from up the river
It’s their duty to heed
For life is harsh too
And a stifled cry deserves to be heard
As do the silent sob.
These are the times when the folks rally round
They may be able to do only a little, but it gives meaning to their lives.

And so they live their lives….
With bit of fun and fortitude
And all of them, silently hoping that somewhere in it all…
….there is a Moral.

Compiled by Secretary IASOWA
- with special thanks to past
President Mrs Jakhanwal




Highlights of Activities during 2006-2007

On 21st of September 2006, a group of 7 members visited the 2 Remand Homes and the school of the Deaf and Dumb at Gaighat to hand over sports equipment and indoor games, besides sweets and fruits. The Recreation Room at the Girls Remand home was furnished by the I.A.S.O.W.A.

A Health Check up camp was organized on 27th January, 2007 at the IAS Bhawan for people from the underprivileged sections of society. The Lady Governor,   Mrs Gavai inaugurated the camp and addressed the gathering. Lion District Governor and nearly 15 doctors were present. Nearly 400 patients were attended to free of cost for various health problems and free medicines were also distributed.

On the 17th of February, 2007 the I.A.S.O.W.A organized a Craft’ N Food Fiesta at the IAS Bhawan. The CGM of the State Bank of India, Bihar inaugurated the fete. A total of Rs One Lakh was raised for charitable projects.

With incessant rains lashing a major part of the state, Bihar was reeling under floods. The I.A.S.O.W.A rose up to the occasion and donated Rs 50,000 to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund on the 19th of August, 2007. On the 25th of August, 2007 another meeting was held at the IAS Bhawan to collect clothes which were sent through the Red Cross Society to the flood affected areas of North Bihar.

On the 19th of September, 2007, a group of members visited the Apna Ghar- a home for Orphans and Destitute children to donate musical instruments, a harmonium and a dholak to the institution as well as snacks, sweets and fruits to each one of the 95 children. The I.A.S.O.W.A has also been giving stipends to two meritorious students from the underprivileged sections of society.


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