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How to join IAS Association's Yahoo Group or Facebook

Dear friends,

As per the request received from Secretary Central IAS Association, I am to inform you that the IAS Association has a Yahoo Group mailing group and and a Facebook Page for exchange of information amongst officers.

I am hereby writing to you with the procedure to join the IAS Association Facebook group and the Yahoo Group.

Those who are already members may share the same with officers they are in touch with and request your batch-mates and cadre-mates to join the groups.

For Facebook group : Search IAS Association in the search box on the left top of the Facebook page and send a request to join with a message to the moderator who is Ias Officers with batch and cadre. Existing members can also send me a message on FB or a mail to with details of members whom they want to add.

For IAS association yahoogroups : ias_association is a mailing group for IAS officers. Pl search for the yahoogroup ias_association on yahoo groups and send a request to join. Alternatively just send an email to with details of your email, batch and cadre. We have only 272 members on yahoogroups as against 1363 on FB. So please send your requests.

We also have an association blogpost site and a linkedin group. But more on it later. Dont want to cause an information overdose!!

It will be best for batch and cadre yahoogroup moderators to volunteer so that I give them moderator privileges on both FB and yahoogroups so that my effort is minimized. Any clarifications feel free to mail to .


Abhishek Singh

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