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  1. In these Rules, unless the context otherwise required:
    1. “The Association” means IAS OFFICERS’ ASSOCIATION.
    2. “Members” means an ordinary member and a life member of the Association.
    3. “Managing Committee” or “Committee” means the managing Committee of the Association for the time being.
    4. “Financial Year” means the period commencing on the First day of April and ending on the Thirty-first day of March of the following year.
    5. “Rules” means the Rules and Regulations of the Association for the time being in force.
    6. “President” means the President holding office as such.
    7. “Secretary” means the Secretary holding office as such.
    8. “Joint Secretary” means the Joint Secretary holding office as such.
    9. “Treasurer” means the Treasurer holding office as such.

The Association is established for the purposes and with the objects specified in the Memorandum of Association.
3. The persons who are in Indian Administrative Service of Bihar Cadre and have signed the Memorandum of Association shall be the first member of the Association and all other officers present and past of Indian Administrative Service of Bihar Cadre shall be admitted in pursuance of these Rules and shall constitute Indian Administrative Services Officers' Association, Bihar Branch.
All the officers and the Ex-officers of the IAS Bihar Cadre and such other IAS Officers whom the Managing Committee will deem fit for admission shall be automatically deemed to be members of IAS Officers Association, Bihar Branch.
5. Every member by joining the Association under- takes that so long as he shall continue to be a member he will observe the Rules of the Association for the time being in force.
The Association shall maintain a Register of members in which the following particulars shall be entered:

  1. Name of the Member
  2. Address of the Member
  3. Date of Admission
  4. Date of cessation of membership
  5. Such other particulars as may be prescribed by the Managing Committee from time to time.

The President, Vice-president, Treasurer, Secretary, Two Joint Secretaries, One Assistant Treasurer and eight Members shall constitute the Managing Committee. The managing Committee May co-opt additional Members not exceeding six in number.
8. The Managing Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting every year from amongst the members of the Association entitled to vote and shall continue in office till the next Annual General Meeting. The first committee will take office immediately after registration of the Association.
9. Casual vacancies on the Managing Committee shall be filled in by the Managing Committee.
10. At the General Meeting a voting paper bearing the names of all candidates and stating the number of members of the Managing Committee to be elected, shall be given by the Secretary to each member eligible to vote and who requests for it in person.
11. Every member of the Association voting at any General Meeting shall do so by placing a cross against the name of the candidate for whom he desires to vote. He shall not place across against more names than the number of members of the Committee to be elected. He shall not give more than one vote to one candidate. The voting paper shall not be signed by the member.
12. Every member eligible to vote shall personally fill up and cast the voting papers into the Ballot Box kept at the time of the election.
13. .The Chairman of the General Meeting shall, at the meeting, appoint not less than two persons who shall not be candidates for any office to act as scrutineers.

14. At the conclusion of the voting, the votes shall be counted by the scrutineers, who shall make their report to the Chairman of the General Meeting. The Chairman shall then announce the names of the successful candidates. Such declaration of the Chairman shall be final.
15. In the event of there being an equal number of votes in favour of two or more candidates and in the event of the number of such candidates exceeding the number of vacancies available the result of the election shall be determined by lot drawn at the meeting by the Chairman of the General Meeting.
16. The word "General Meeting" in the above Rules means the Annual General Meeting or the Extra- Ordinary General Meeting where the election of the Managing Committee or the President and the office bearers is held.
Annual General Meeting shall be held once in every year within a period of six months from the close of the Financial Year of the Association.
18. The Annual General Meeting shall be called Ordinary General Meeting. All the other meetings of the Association shall be called Extra Ordinary General Meeting.
19. The Managing Committee may, whenever it think fit and shall not requisition made in writing by at least one fifth of the total number of members or 25 members, whichever is less, convene an Extra Ordinary General Meeting. Any such requisition shall specify the object for which the Meeting is called and shall be signed by the Members making the same and be delivered at the Association's office.
20. If the Managing Committee fails to convene an Extra Ordinary General Meeting within 30 days from the date of receipt of requisition, the requisitionists shall have the power to convene the Extra Ordinary General Meeting themselves within Six weeks after the delivery of requisition.
21. Fourteen days' notice shall be given for every Ordinary General or Extra Ordinary General Meeting to all the members specifying the place, provided, however, that the Managing Committee of the Association shall have the power, at their direction, to cause an emergency meeting of the Association to be convened at any time on giving shorter notice as decided by the Managing Committee thereof to the members.
22. The accidental omission to give any such notice to any member shall not invalidate any resolution passed at any such meeting.
At the Annual General Meeting the following business shall be transacted.
a) To adopt the minutes of previous General  Meeting.
b) To receive and adopt the report of the Managing Committee for the relevant year about the management and the affairs of the Association.
c) To receive and adopt the audited accounts of The Association for the relevant financial year.
d) To elect the President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer and (eleven)members of The Managing Committee.
e) To appoint auditors.
f) Such other business as may be specified in the Notice convening the meeting.
24. Fifteen members personally present shall form a quorum. No business shall be transacted at any General meeting unless the quorum shall be transacted at any General meeting unless the quorum requisite be present at the commencement of the business.
25. The President and in his absence the Vice-president for the time being of the Association shall preside at and be the Chairman of Ordinary and Extra Ordinary General Meeting at which he shall be present and in case of absence of the President and the Vice-president the members shall elect a Chairman of the meeting.
26. If, within half an hour from the time appointed for the meeting the quorum requisite is not present, the meeting, if convened upon a requisition of the members, shall be dissolved. In any other case, it shall be adjourned to the same day in the next week at the same time and place. At such adjournment the members present shall constitute the quorum.
27. Except as otherwise provided, every question submitted to a meeting shall be decided by a show of hands or in such other manner as the Chairman of the meeting shall determine. Every member present shall have one vote and in the case of equality of votes the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote.  
28. A declaration by the Chairman that resolution has been carried by a particular majority, or lose or not carried by a particular majority and a entry to that effect in the minutes books of the proceedings of the Association shall be final and conclusive.
29. The Chairman of General Meeting may, with the consent of the meeting adjourn the same from time and from place to place, but no business shall be transacted at any adjourned meeting other than the business left unfinished at the meeting so adjourned.
The Managing Committee shall meet at such times as they may deem advisable. One meeting of the Managing Committee shall be held at least in every three months. The President of the Association in case of his absence and the Vice-president in his absence also, the Chairman elected shall preside at any meeting for the dispatch of business, adjourned and otherwise regulate its meeting and business, as thinks fit, may determine the business, and until otherwise determined five members of the Committee shall form a quorum. The President, Vice-president or any of the Secretaries or the Treasurer/Assistant Treasurer may, and the Secretary upon the direction of the President or any three members of the Managing Committee shall. at any time summon a meeting of the Committee.
31. Any question may be dealt with by Managing Committee upon the Secretary circulating the papers concerning the same and by the members recording their opening on the same in writing but upon a request in writing in that behalf by two member the Managing Committee the Secretary shall notwithstanding the last preceding clause, summon a meeting of the Managing Committee to consider such question.
32. Questions at any meeting of the Managing  committee shall be decided by a majority of votes, And in case an equality of votes the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote.
33. A member of the Managing Committee may resign by giving notice in writing to the President.

The Management, control and administration of the affairs of the Association shall be vested in the Managing Committee. In addition to the powers and Authorities by these Rules expressly conferred upon, the Managing Committee may exercise all such powers and do all such acts and thinks as may be exercised and done by the Association and or not hereby or by legislative enactment expressly directed or required to be exercised or done by the Association in the General Meeting.
 (A) Duties of President
i) The President will be overall in-charge of the Association.
ii) He will preside over the meeting of the Members and the Managing Committee.
(B) Duties of Vice-president
i) In absence of the President or when the President is in capacitated for whatever reason, the Vice-president will discharge all the functions of the President.
ii) The Vice-president may also discharge such other functions as authorized by the President from time to time.
 (C) Duties of Secretary
a) The Secretary will look after day-to-day affairs of the Association and he shall incur all necessary expenses in connection therewith.
b) The Secretary of the Association shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Association and shall function under the overall supervision and guidance of the President and in addition to all other duties and functions, he will do the following acts also:
I. To check and verify accounts in the Cash Book and sign the same.
II. To sign and issue notices for the meeting of Managing Committee and General Body Meetings.
III. To conduct all correspondences relating to or in any way concerning the Association other than those which may be allocated specifically to any other member/committee.
IV. To keep or cause to be kept in proper Order and custody all documents and all papers and files belonging to the IAS OFFICERS ASSOCIATION.
v. To operate or cause to operate Bank Accounts of the Association in one or more scheduled banks as approved by the Managing Committee.
VI. To sign, in token of sanction, all voucher for necessary expenses of the Association within the limits as authorised by the Managing Committee before payment by the Treasurer.
vii. To appeal to the members and other for making donations, contributions, subscriptions and for other fundraising purposes.

(D) Duties of Treasurer
1. To check and verify accounts in the Cash Book and sign the same.
11. To receive subscriptions, donations, loans, Contribution and record the receipts in the Cash Book maintained for the purpose.
111. To arrangement for investment of surplus assets of the Association as approved by the Managing Committee in conjunction with the Secretary of the Association..
IV. To operate on current account in one or more bank or banks as approved by the Managing Committee in conjunction with the Secretary or one or more of the Joint Secretaries as authorized by the Secretary or the Managing Committee.
v. To submit all books and papers relating to the Scrutiny and signature.
vi. To prepare accounts of the Association and have the same audited by the Auditors.
(E) Duties of Joint Secretary
i. The Joint Secretary will assist the Secretary in all matters relating to the duties of the Secretary and in the absence of the Secretary he shall function according to his(Secretary's) instructions.
 (F) Duties of Assistant Treasurer
1. The Assistant Treasurer will assist the Treasurer in discharging his duties and also discharge such functions as assigned to him by the Treasurer and or the Managing Committee from time to time.
(G) To constitute following Sub-committee for proper functioning of the Association.
i. Members Welfare Sub-committee
ii. Professional Development Sub-Committee
iii. Academic Sub-committee
iv. Seminar/Conference Sub-committee
v. Building & Building Fund Raising Sub- committee
vi. Membership Development Sub-committee
vii. Library Sub-committee
viii. Government Liaisoning Sub-committee
xi. Recreation Sub-committee
 x. Fund Raising Sub-committee
xi. Housing Sub-committee
xii. Publication Sub-committee
xiii. Institutional Liaisoning Sub-committee
xiv. Member Service Sub-committee
xv. Member's Ethics Sub-committee
xvi. Other Sub-committees as deemed necessary and fit for furtherance of the objectives of the Association.
35. Without prejudice to the above, Managing Committee shall have powers:
a)  To makes alter rules from time to time for working of the Managing Committee.
b) To delegate, subject to such conditions as they think fit, any of their powers sub-committees consisting or such member or members of the committee or other person or persons being members of the Association or as they may think fit and to make such regulations as to the proceedings of sub-committee.
c) To represent the Association.
d) To appoint, and from time to time, to remove such clerks and employees in the employment of the Association and to fix the remuneration.
e) To establish library and reading rooms for the use of the Members of the Association and to arrange for circulation and publication of books, journals, bulletins, pamphlets etc.
f) To arrange lectures, conferences, social functions and other opportunities for meeting with a view to promote personal contact amongst the members either independently or jointly with any other body or bodies.
g) To publish journal and to print and publish and distribute circulars, periodicals, books, leaflets and to prepare, print, publish and distribute such journal, book and other publications and to procure articles, advertisements or other matter that may seem desirable and the interest of the members in general.
h) To purchase, take on lease, hire or otherwise acquire or hold any movable or immovable property, rights, or other privileges and to improve and develop any or all of them which may be deemed necessary for any of the purpose of the Association after taking approval of the General Body.
i) To build, construct, maintain, repair, adopt, alter, improve or develop or furnish any building or works considered necessary o r convenient for the purpose of the Association and/or accept donations and grants for the same.
j) To borrow and raise loans and secure its re- payment in such manner as the committee may deem proper or convenient for the furtherance of the various aims and objects of the Association after taking approval of the General Body.
k) To accept donations and grants for the fulfillment of the functions and objectives of the Association, from members, Government(s) and others.
I) Whenever there will be a vacancy in the Managing Committee in the ranks of Office- bearers for whatever reasons, the Managing Committee will have the power to fill the Vacancy for the remaining period of the term of the member(s) or the Office-bearer(s) by way of co-option.
36. The accounts shall be closed on the 31st day of March in each year and shall be audited by a chartered accountant or a firm of chartered accountants.
37. Report of the Committee together with audited Income & Expenditure Account and Balance Sheet shall be sent to the Members along with the Notice of Annual General Meeting.
38. The Funds of the Society exceeding the sum of Rs. 500/- (Rupees five hundred only) shall be placed with any authorised Scheduled Bank Patna and such part thereof which in the opinion of the Managing Committee is not immediately  required may be invested in accordance with Section 20 of the Indian Trust Act 1882 and/or deposited with Schedule9 Banks on fixed or call basis and/or in Units of Unit Trust of India and/or National Savings Certificates and/or such other investments may be permitted under the Indian Trust Act, 1882.The aforesaid investments shall be made in the name of the Association or in the joint names of the President/Vice-president, Treasurer/Assistant Treasurer and anyone of the Secretaries, or in the name of such persons as may be specified by the Managing Committee from time to time. The Bank Accounts of the Association shall be operated in the matter as may be decided by the Managing Committee from time to time. The direction by the Managing Committee to buy; sell or transfer the said investment shall be sufficient authority to act upon.
A notice may be served upon any member either personally or by post or by any other means.
The Association may amend, alter, delete, substitute or add to the rules and regulations of the Association by a Resolution at the General Meeting of the Association by 3/4th majority of the members present at the meeting called for the purpose. The Association may alter, extend, abridge or amend its object or purpose to or other purpose within the meaning of the Societies Registration Act of 1860, in the matter provided by Section 12of the said Act.
41. SEAL
The seal of the Association shall be prepared for the purpose of the Association and it shall not be used or affixed to any instrument except by the authority or resolution of the Managing Committee and in the presence of any two of the Office bearers.
All acts done by the members of the Managing Committee in good faith shall not be invalidated. The office bearers, members of the Managing Committee and the employees of the Association and the Auditors of the Association shall be identified out of the funds of the Association against all claims, liabilities, losses, costs, charges and expenses that may at any time be made against or incurred by them in the discharge of the duties or in the conduct of the Association's except such as are incurred 'by their own willful neglect or default.

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(SECRETARY)                                                   (PRESIDENT)


No. – 2788


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